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Meditative Labyrinth Walking

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Once you purchase this workshop I will email you to set up a date that works best for you or the person you purchased this for. This is a local Portland, OR workshop unless otherwise specified.

Enjoy a beautiful walk through the Portland Grotto and a guided walk around the hidden labyrinth.

What is meditative labyrinth walking?
Meditative Labyrinth walking is a way to quiet the soul and pay attention to what the soul would say to us. Step back, slow down, and pay attention in order to gain a new perspective on whatever life is throwing at us in the moment. Are you wrestling with unanswered questions? Feeling stuck? Experiencing a disconnectedness to your inner life? You can take all of this and more and meditatively walk it out through the labyrinth.

Why is it important?
So often in life, we get stuck doing the same old thing without really questioning why. We are stuck in the same routine. Same racing through every day, knowing we need to slow down/breathe/reflect - need to find other ways to connect to ourselves. Meditative Labyrinth walking is one of those ways.

What can you expect?
You can expect to connect to your body through walking the labyrinth.
You can expect to gain perspective and new understanding through intensive journaling.
You can expect to develop a meditative approach for the future and tools to help deal with the difficulties and challenges of life.You bring yourself in comfortable clothes, tennis shoes. And bring a journal.

Andrea Catlett - Angie can create hope in the darkest places. She is not afraid of the dark reality that often shows up in life. Through her experience, she is able to bring light, hope, and healing to any situation.

Gareth Higgins - Angie is a woman of vision, imagination, compassion, integrity and class. She is the real deal - someone who cares about others and offers skillful engagement with needs of the world. I trust her with my own story, and you can too.

Kym Condon - Angie is an amazing, genuine person who has encouraged me in countless ways. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking support or guidance, or just the opportunity to be inspired by a wonderful, caring person!

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