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One on One Spiritual Direction

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Once you purchase this I will email you to set up an appointment time that works for you or the person you are purchasing this for. Keep in mind this can be a Face to Face meet up, Skype, or phone call anywhere in the world.

Feeling stuck?
Needing someone safe to talk to?
Wanting to engage new spiritual practices?
Needing to undue others?

For some of us growing up in a religious tradition has left us empty and with more questions than answers. Direction is a place to unravel, dismantle and rage if need be. To rebuild or leave it where it lays. It is a safe place to look at where we’ve come from and are going.

I work with you to create a safe unhurried space where therapeutic listening happens. I look at Spiritual Direction as a "permission giving" of sorts. What I mean by that is...there is nothing you might say that would shock me, there is no doubt or pain expressed that would cause me to think less of you. In this way there is nothing off limits in our time together, we together, create a safe place to explore our lives, the reasons we do what we do, and make space for more awareness and presence.

I have a MASF at Portland Seminary University and also received my certification from GFU. My specialties are: Enneagram, Transformational Life workshops (this is curriculum I wrote for my Masters in Spiritual Formation at George Fox and have taught numerous times at the Bridge Church where I pastored for over 7 years), I am an expert in Jungian Intensive Journaling, Body, mind, spirit connection. I write curriculum and lead classes around rage, anger and loss (giving permission to feel all our feelings, not just the convenient ones), team building and spiritual formation workshops, as well. I also teach archery and labyrinth as a spiritual practice.

I am LGBTQAI open and affirming and everyone is welcome.

Suzy Hooker - Through Angie's gentle guidance and practical advice (in just one session!), I was able to move past the creative block that had plagued me, both emotionally and spiritually, for almost three years. Angie's open, honest approach and her generous heart allowed for a safe and comfortable space to explore and question, and I am sincerely excited to continue my soul care with her. I found her perspective refreshing, thought-provoking, and entirely non-judgmental. I appreciate her flexibility to work with me via Skype or telephone, as we live almost 3,000 miles apart...which should tell you something about the client loyalty inspired by the depth of her skill, compassion, and knowledge. Highly recommend.

Shelly Bowers - Angie helped guide me through one of the most confusing spiritual seasons of my life. I honestly don't know how I would've navigated through it without her. She's compassionate and wise, and truly living out her calling. She never gives pat "spiritual" answers, but walks with you through all the wrestling. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Tisha Lynne - Angie Fadel is a truly amazing spiritual director. I trust her without a doubt and highly recommend her services. If you are thinking about this, it is life changing, and Angie can guide you through the process of embarking on spiritual direction. I have done her amazing archery workshop and I highly recommend it. It is a great way to engage your whole body in a process/soul care of sorts, unlike any other.

Kristen Kessler - Angie Fadel showed up for me as a Spiritual Director at a time in my life when I was doubting my ability to reach God on any level. She listened without judgement, took walks with me, encouraged me to start where I am, and to recognize that what I was experiencing and feeling was valid. Angie helped me sit with uncertainty and learn that God is big enough to handle it. All of it. Today I am more grounded and less doubtful in part because of the work that I was able to begin with Angie. I carry it a year later and encourage anyone who needs/wants help and direction to seek her out.

Diana Wolford - I highly recommend Angie's spiritual direction and workshop. Both helped me to learn new things about myself that I carry with me.

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