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Start Talking to Yourself in Healthy Ways

There are tools in life that help us more quickly gain access to the places inside us that have been locked away, hidden or just unknown to us. This is one of those tools.

Nine years ago I was given a key, that at the time seemed, well, let's just say painful to use. Because often self-work is painful. Imagine a door that refuses to move, it's rusted shut. With work and movement, over time that door starts to gradually move again. At first with muscles, sweat, and grease in the hinges. Then little by little the more that door is opened and used, it swings freely from its hinges with ease and a lot less squeaking protest. The movement does that. It frees us up to get at the locked places, so the work over time is not the great struggle it is in the beginning.

I use this Journaling method all the time. I take conflicts with people to it; I take disappointments to it; broken relationships; feelings; people I love; people that have hurt me. It is an incredible tool that helps us create a container to look at loss and pain; memories of joy and sorrow; make peace with our bodies and explore the roads not taken.

I was given this gift and would like to give it to you.

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