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Get In On The Meditation Group

Meditation Experiment Starting soon.

Message me I'm in or post I'm in in the Facebook comments and I will add you to the private group. If you haven't liked my page Spiritual Direction And Soul Care I think you have to do that first and then I can add you to the secret group.

One of the most simple solutions I've found for meditating is using apps. There are many reasons for this

*The first and most important to me is the timer option. Whether doing a guided meditation or my favorite the self-meditation timer it means I don't have to constantly look at my phone. Which I find very distracting!

*Sometimes a good way to start is through guided meditations because the guide is always gently reminding you to focus, breathe, and relax your body. Doing it this way means you don't have to spend as much energy when starting out reminding yourself to refocus.

*If you like the app idea test a few out. All of the free choices have ways to get you to pay for something, but you don't have to there are plenty of free meditations available. I always try to keep things affordable so I'm not stymied by fees.

By all means if you like one that costs download it, it will make your money back in possible peace for the future.

My personal favorite and the one I always reload into my phone is the Stop, Breathe, Think app

It is so simple to use and the self-meditation timer (which you can find when you scroll all the way to the bottom of the meditation guide) let's you pick from many different timing options and has a start, midway tiny chime, and an ending gong. The one trap I fell into which is definitely a performance issue I have is you can keep track of your progress and I got a little addicted to this feature the first time I downloaded it. But this feature may help some stay motivated.

Good luck!!! Angie

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