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Join a 2-Week Meditation Experiment

Join me in re-upping your commitment to meditating daily for the next two weeks. See how it changes your relationship to anxiety, stress, creativity and performance struggles.

You can do this by switching up your routine

  • 1st thing in the morning (5 min to start and build if want to or feel you can)

Not a morning person?

  • Or try right before you go to bed (take 5 min focus on breath and clearing your monkey mind)

Morning or bedtime doesn't work for you?

  • Midday toilet/lunch time break (find a quiet place to focus your attention and breath, sometimes this is as simple as taking a 5 min bathroom stall break)

With all of the attention on the benefits of Meditation it can seem easy, but also be overwhelming with choice.

I have started a group for people wanting to help each other reengage or try meditation for the first time you can join this group by liking my Facebook page at Spiritual Direction and Soul Care and saying I want to join the Meditation Group!!!

Who will join me?

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