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Meditation Prep Plan

Things to consider when meditating...

There will be obstacles. The night before I started this Meditation idea again, I was in bed and my alarm was set for earlier than my norm. and I was ready. Then there was a conflict that needed resolving 1 1/2 hours later I was back in bed and then I couldn't sleep. This happens. We need to be flexible with ourselves make adjustments that fit you and your life. The will be interruptions You sleep with someone else and they don't want to be disturbed. Go to another place in your house. Your kids decide they want to join you for this meditation party you are having at 6 am. It happens. Find a way to include them. This happened to me years ago when my daughter was small. I would go to the couch at 5:30 to do my meditation and she would join me. I was frustrated at first but then I gave her a choice she could join me for quiet or she could go back in her bed. She would join me just about every time, lay her sweaty little body on mine and promptly fall back to sleep. This became one of the sweetest things we've done together. To this day sometimes she will still ask me to wake her up so she can join me. Life will happen You will be too tired. You will have sick kids. Things will go wrong. Your partner will get irritated. Find what works for you and make adjustments that work for you because this is for you. You will find a rhythm. Angie

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