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Portland Mindful Woods Walking Group

This group comes as a direct result of the Meditation Group I started in the Spring.

What our the ways we can engage in Meditation and Mindfulness with ourselves and supporting others.

Low maintenance! Low commitment! Low cost!

Here it is!

Mindfulness Meditation Woods Walking Group. Hosted by Me and my practice Spiritual Direction & Soul Care

Things I know for sure-

* We will meet up in Forest Park (I encourage you to connect here for ride shares also the Portland bus goes to the rose garden and there is a free shuttle that takes you all over Washington Park)

* I will take you through a quick mindfulness tutorial and then an intention for the walk or help you formulate your own.

* We will walk for about 45 min of slow walking or you can walk at your own pace.

*At the half-way mark, I will bring our group back together to recenter, return to breath and refocus if need be.

* We will conclude with either a short meditation, breath work, and a conversation on how to take this into our daily lives.

* this will be a suggested donation of $10 but no one will be turned away because you can't pay and if you want to pay more you can do that as well😉

* This will be inclusive to everyone!!! And will be adjusted for specific needs if necessary and possible considering the park.

My hope is that in the chaos of life we can create a little sanctuary for ourselves for self-care and get energized to reenter the fight for justice. I will not be focusing on justice but I am aware that most of my friends and acquaintances are really putting themselves out there for justice at this moment. That is exhausting and potentially isolating. So here's to not being alone!


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