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Well-meaning People

All of us have someone who around the holidays or at every family function pushes our buttons/safety. Maybe this person has a bit to much to drink and they get into politics, or they feel like they know how you should be living and they think their way is the right way. Maybe they are "well meaning" (whatever the hell that means) and just can't keep their mouths shut. Whatever it is??? Aunt Astrid, asking again why your not married or when your going to start having kids. Uh, none of your damn business Astrid. Hey Astrid when are you going to butt out? Or Uncle Fred, who wants to tell you why Trump is a good leader and how the poor are fleecing our nation and once got a little bit handsie with you. Well, Fred keep your opinions to yourself and if you ever touch me again you'll have a steak knife where you don't want it. Whoever they are and whatever they do can either Control you Destroy you Or Liberate you To every year bank on a pipe dream that they took that year to get their shit together is unrealistic It is realistic to believe they will continue to Be an asshole Be inappropriate Cross boundaries Butt in Mansplain Or whatever it is they do Believing that maybe they changed won't help your mental health. So Make a plan to Have healthy inner dialogue Don't attend every event Book end your time so you can escape Bring a fake partner 😙 Bring a friend that can remind you who you are and takes no shit Name some more plans... The thing is we mostly know how to prep for the predator, constant asshole, disapproving grandparent. But It's much harder with the well-meaning, tipsy, or the sometimes handsie. We want to believe it won't happen this time. We might feel guilt around preparing ourselves or bowing out. But it is the Christmas gift we can give ourselves Not to let us be a target for family bullies!!! Love, Angie

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