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It's Just Another V Day

You are worth loving!

There is nothing that takes you out of that equation.

No words spoken over you have the power to change the truth that-

You are worth loving!

No mistake is so big that will make you unlovable because-

You are worth loving!

You are enough! Worth loving as is, where you're at, without changing

one iota-

You are worth loving!

Whatever culture told you, whatever family spoke over you, whatever religion decided for you - YOU ARE WORTH LOVING!

Today is just another day and it doesn't define your worth, acceptance or lovability. Whether you are in a relationship, just finished a relationship or have never had a relationship - YOU ARE WORTH LOVING!

You get to redefine the parameters of what love is!

Putting your undisputed value in the front and letting that be your guide.

I love you!

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