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Day 7 Real Beautiful Project

Day 7 of #reallifephotoaday I have a deep inner NO inside of me. This isn’t the kind of NO you’re excited about when you develop it- The no that establishes boundaries, protects you and your choices, sets intention (I have learned to do this) it is a NO that speaks after every good thing offered, every adventure longed for, art considered. It is a NO that constantly says this is not for you. #therealbeautiful that I have noticed is I can now see this restricting of good things that I do. I see it, acknowledge it, and try to say yes, instead or let’s consider why you say NO, first? What’s the worst that can happen if I dream, if I spend, and if I say, YES? I don’t have to be the wall of defense anymore. I can let my guard down. I can makes mistakes for my own YESES! 

Those of you that know me do you see anything different in this photo? Where can you say YES to yourself? Or at least acknowledge the NO? Angie❤️ 

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