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Day 12 The Real Beautiful

Day 12 #reallifephotoaday Okay, so this is not a photo from today but in light of American Mother’s Day and how complicated it is for most of us I’m posting this instead...  

I am a Mother and also the daughter of a mother who has tried to break me beyond reason, so it’s complicated. My goal in my life has been to mother well not just my own children but anyone one in need of comfort, compassion and a listening ear. To be a shower-upper. This probably is a direct result of not having that myself and seeing many around me have the mother’s that I wanted. I have stepped in and have tried to be my own best mother showing compassion, a listening ear and never ending comfort to myself. I have also been mothered by many people not considered mothers. For all the non-mother mother’s binary and non-binary and the birth mother’s I see you! Your work and love for me wasn’t lost, I soaked in up like a sponge and wrung it out on the world. Be kind to yourself! Be the mother you may need. 💕#therealbeautiful 

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