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Day 17 The Real Beautiful

Day 17 #reallifephotoaday I took a walk today not in the woods but in my neighborhood. I wasn’t looking for magic but it found me... confetti on ivy or caught in a spiders web, a canopy of trees with light peeking through, or a little magical tree path like something out of Narnia. It's all magic to me if I’m willing to see it. And I am willing! To look with child’s eyes at the world around me and be grateful. Sometimes I can’t see the magic no matter how hard I try, life is too pressing, the world harsh, violence all around. I need these days as well to remind myself of the privilege of being here, Now. I need these days as a reminder that not everyone lives in safety of their own skin, religion, bodies, place. I love the magic as well as the reminder. #therealbeautiful #thevulnerabilityproject 

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