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Day 20 The Real Beautiful

Day 20 #reallifephotoaday Sometimes I need to remind myself to rest. Today was one of those days, it was all good and full of good stuff but at the end of it I was emotionally exhausted. You know that feeling where you want to cry or sleep and everything feels more overwhelming than it should be or than the situation dictates. That’s how it felt and the beautiful thing is...I saw it, gave myself space to feel it without saying I shouldn’t feel this way or my usual WHY AM I SO SAD AND TIRED. And when I could I gave myself space. Like what I’m doing right now laying on my bed writing this and resting flat on my back. It is the tiny awarenesses over time that need acknowledgement, the small ways we move forward into health that deserve credit because those are the things that save us from our potential self abuse. And allow us to be our full selves❤️#reallifephotoaday 

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