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Day 24 The Real Beautiful

Doesn't get more real than a photo this close to your face #therealbeautiful so close I can see the crumbs on my face from my snack, not to mention sun on my cheeks, and my wrinkles. Today I've been ruminating on what I wrote yesterday and all of your beautiful comments back - because you get it❤️and a long walk with my friend @porchphilosophiser where we talked about the difficulties around getting the help we need and it’s deep connections to not getting what we needed from family when we were developing and how hard it is to recreate it for your adult self. Hard but not impossible. And then to top it off this new post by @brenebrown #midlifeunraveling because that’s where I’m at on the verge of being reborn like Bennu(the heron is a god of rebirth probably where the Phoenix comes from) knowledge drop! 😉. I am living the interconnectedness of all things My son leaving home Calling for help. Spending money on the help I need aka prioritizing my self-care above fear of finances and family needs. Noticing the armor that I’m still wearing. Learning to love my face even though I see my mother there (she’s taken a lot from me, I’m not giving her my face as well) Going for the promotion even though I maybe wouldn’t get it. Trying to give myself space to be proud of me and happy for my success. All of these moments and thoughts are rebirthing! Maybe you’re far from menapause or maybe you are long past it. Wherever you are let’s help each other rebirth. We deserve it and so do our child selves and future selves. Love yourself hard today 

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