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Day 26 The Real Beautiful

Day 26 #reallifephotoaday I'm an overthinker so much so that tonight at a jazz show I was contemplating my overthinking. This this how it plays out in my mind... I wonder how people perceive me, do they see me how I see myself (a hot mess on the inside), maybe a bit standoffish, reserved? Then my overthinking goes out to the people around me... Do they spend as much time thinking about emotional intelligence, boundaries, spiritual practice, are they talking about trauma, family of origin? Do they talk about these things? Do they want to talk about this stuff? Are they sad? Do they have community? Are they lonely? Maybe they are completely fine and NEVER talk about the above, but my mind can't even conceive of that. Not only is it my job to think about this stuff, but it's how I'm wired or at least how I've rewired myself since I was in my 20’s. Can't imagine a life where I'm not talking about how it works - life in me, through me, surrounding me. I have a curiosity not only for my own story but your story as well. What makes you tick? Why is it hard for you to call for help? Be vulnerable? Take good care of you? I'm curious not because I'm a voyeur for your story, but because I am desperate to know myself better and dig myself out of some of these life long holes. And how I do that is knowing your stories and you knowing mine. We need one another so I'll keep overthinking it. #therealbeautiful #thevulnerabilityproject 

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