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Day 27 The Real Beautiful

Day 27#reallifephotoaday

I am this same girl 38 years later. I may not have the Laura Ingles braids but that sensitive lover of justice still beats inside my chest. Why do the things that happen to us often cause us to try and erase the child? Why do the grownups, bullies, and dream crushers usually succeed in silencing this beauty within us? Convincing us all of ”it” was our fault, if we had only been MORE?! More of what? More adult and less the child we actually were? Less sensitive and more jaded? More seen and not heard? More tough and less caring? More caring and less tough? More do as I say not as I do? MORE, MORE, MORE of what you're not and less of what you actually are! We believe them and set about erasing who we actually for the WHO they think we should be. Why? Because they believed the same lie about themselves. They choked it down and swallowed it whole, never mind the lump in your throat. And because they swallowed the lie of MORE, we were told to do the same. But you know what I really like this braided, curious, loving girl even though they tried to convince me she wasn't worth it. She SURVIVED, she fought, she held on to a belief that people are generally good and want love. I will spend the rest of my life thanking her for keeping herself alive, hoarding, nuggets of truth, and believing in love. I love you, Angie! I will keep fighting for us to live our fullest life. #therealbeautiful Can you reconcile a bit you your child self and your now self? I think you are worth it! #thevulnerabilityproject 

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