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Day 25 The Real Beautiful

What is it about vulnerability that sends people running? For me there is something about vulnerable people that always pulls me in, sets me at ease, I can let my guard down a bit, we have more in common than not. People that look at vulnerability as weakness set my teeth on edge. But culturally it seems this world is set up for the latter. The thing is if it's our vulnerability and we willing give it, engage it, and let empathy connect us then it can't really be used against us/me but because it is so engrained in us as weakness we can't see the strength of it's real power. Because to own it is one of our greatest gifts to ourselves and to the world. I am always trying to get back what I lost because of how my childhood played out. I don't think it's a bad thing to want what we needed and weren't given, we can be the parent we needed and longed for, we can love ourselves and others truly unconditionally, we can speak our truth, say no, be honest, be sensitive. Yes, having loving parents who let us be are full selves would have been a great gift (maybe you got that if you did treasure it) our adult gift is letting ourselves be fully realized. Isn't that what I want for my kids, them living and loving comfortable in their own skin. We'll that's what I want for me and you that we can live and love comfortably in our own skin. That takes a GIANT embrace of vulnerability #therealbeautiful #thevulerabilityproject 

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