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Day 30 The Real Beautiful

Day 30 #reallifephotoaday This month-long project is coming to an end and here are some thoughts. When I started this I didn't really know exactly what it would become it was mostly a direct reaction to a conversation I had with a friend around the deep isolation they were feeling and possibly how social media played a part in heightening those feelings. Like so many things it became more than my messy house. It became an insatiable desire in me to face my fears, push my own vulnerability and call bullshit on what I believe about myself or what I think others perceptions of me are. This project has really been exciting. I'm seeing myself more clearly and loving myself more deeply with a radical boldness for my own vulnerability. I am also aware of the tapes still running all the time, the tapes of self-doubt and feeling like I'm failing at some unknown faceless standard. I guess the beauty is I'm seeing it - two sides of the same coin, accepting and loving myself while self-doubt and fear may be right under the surface. I suppose this is the human condition and it's what we do with that knowledge that changes everything... Live life anyway Take risks Try to lean into love even with the hard feelings Make mistakes Let people know the real you Keep trying So far I haven't regretted a minute of it. In some small way, I hope it encourages you to share and embrace your own vulnerabilities ❤️ 

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