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Mantras For The Rest of Us

Sometimes I am at war with my body. I’m doing the work of shame, blame, and abuse others taught me so well to do. But my body is not at fault it has been a champion of holding me, letting healing in, and protecting me during and from trauma. It’s easy to blame it for it’s frailties much harder to shout it’s praises.

I am learning to love the whole of it, speak kind words to it and thank it for it’s fight. 

I am also learning to tell it to rest, that it’s safe to sleep, heal, and let our guard down. Because without it I wouldn’t be here, we wouldn’t be here, I couldn’t and wouldn’t feel the feelings that I surpressed for so long.

I’m trying to let the imperfections be. And be okay with our weaknesses.

You are here because you’re body carried you and I’m fucking glad it did. Your body fought the naysayers and won and is still winning.


Angie Fadel

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