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Mantras Fot The Rest of Us

I don’t know about you but so much of my life has been spent letting others (unbeknownst to them) decide who I am and then pushing back on that decision. 

I don’t want to live in a”self” that is inauthentic to itself. Snipping, carving, shaving off what our culture finds offensive. But often that’s what I’ve done and often I haven’t been aware I was doing it. 

Our authenticity is warfare! Warfare against the status quo and a bullshit idea of acceptability. Where is the beauty in sameness? Where is the lifeblood in doing something because the majority says it’s the way to do it?

Creativity, artistic expression, and revolution calls for you living in your fullest, accurate, most authentically true self. And our world is always in need of this kind of person.

That is the work! That is the future! That is the hope! 

Be fully you, today!!!

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