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I'm Back

Well, I’m back! I’ve been gone from social media for a short bit. I had intended to communicate that I was taking a bit of a break but once that thought entered my mind I guess my subconscious took over and I couldn’t bring myself to post anything but the bare minimum. What I began to realise was I was getting vulnerability fatigued from posting. In this new era we live in of cyber connectedness but not ever seeing each other face to face can feel very lonely. We start or rather I started to feel like I was shouting into the void. And the shouting I was doing was beginning to exhaust me. I am firm believer in vulnerability and that will never change, but for my own mental health a have added taking periodic breaks. If it means I’m not found, liked, or I lose followers I’m going to breathe through it and keep doing what I’m doing- Loving people, building my own self-awareness, providing soul care for people, and creating and facilitating empowering workshops. If we don’t takes breaks, if we don’t build awareness around why we are doing what we’re doing (what’s our motivation) I think it can feed into the epidemic of loneliness and isolation that happens in our modern culture. If we are gripping tightly to who might see us and the potential validation that comes with being seen we will forget why we are doing it in the first place. We have to take care of ourselves, especially those of us who are trying to create a business around care of others.

So keep your eyes open for more

* #mantramondays a continuation of #mantrasfortherestofus. I love doing these mantras, mainly because I find myself using them on a regular basis and linking them to Monday's seemed easier and would possibly be a help to get us through the week.

* I will also continue to try and post a self-care, self-awareness, and my thoughts on IGTV on Thursday's.

* I would love to try a Live conversation soon so be thinking of questions you might want to ask me or topics you might want to discuss.

* Also, if your not familiar with my soul coaching and have questions please don't hesitate to ask. I meet with people face-to-face, on the phone, and though all the video chats.

* My workshops are for EVERYONE! I am passionate about helping people connect to themselves through mindfulness and Intensive journaling in archery and the labyrinth.

* Are you interested in further work with and around the Intensive Journaling Workshop? Please let me know if you can't find a date that works for you or you want to set something up for a team building experience.

Take care of you,


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