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Mantras For The Rest of Us

It’s complicated or at least it can be for some of us. Feeling our feelings can be the most powerful gift we can give ourselves and I’m guessing those we love. When we don’t stuff emotions, but lovingly engage and not judge what’s going on we are WAY less likely to take things out on ourselves or others- because we are aware and not judging whether we should or shouldn’t be feeling things. One of the ways I try and stay connected to myself internally is to place my hand on my chest and breathe deeply, in and out at least 3x’s. If there is something I can say to myself to help get in touch- like a mantra I say it... One mantra I use like the one in this post is- “it is safe to feel my feelings, it is safe to feel my feelings, it is safe to feel my feelings” Angie💓

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