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Feel Your Power

So you want to feel powerful! 

There is no need to be embarrassed about having dreams of feeling, being and looking powerful. I have always loved any storyline with a powerful female protagonist. My all time favorite heroine since I was a young girl is Joan of Arc. I even have a back tattoo of Joan going up in a flame of swifts. I love POWERFUL WOMEN!!!! And I believe most women are powerful but are often shamed for their power. Female power is often seen a bitchiness, being pushy, controlling, antagonist, etc. whereas man would just be seen as a Man. Growing up in a world that doesn’t value woman or see them as strong can make it difficult to embrace all the aspects of who we are powerful, strong, resilient, tough, tender, all that we can be. When we allow ourselves to be FULLY who we are whether other people think it’s feminine or not it helps us to LIVE fully who we are. One of the ways I’ve taken my power back is through archery (and therapy). I have used archery as a way to be in my body, in my muscles, in my frailty, in my strength, in my breath, and taking up my space. I do this through connecting meditation and archery- taking my frustrations, anger, disappointment, confusion, broken relationships, etc. and and allowing myself to be in those experiences while also being fully in my body. It is one of the most POWERFUL and EMPOWERING things that I have given myself. The other way I have connected to my strength is through the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is something you may already be doing on a regular basis, but haven’t realized that you are doing it. The reason I like mindfulness is- it is so accessible! You can practice anywhere anytime- in traffic, at stop lights, in the bathroom at work, while in an argument, in a meeting, ANYWHERE. 

Mindfulness is just being present in yourself and aware of what is going on in you and the things you say to yourself. By connecting mindfulness, the woods, and archery it helps connect these elements into doable empowering pieces that you can return to wherever you are - and on the range. There is nothing wrong with wanting to embody your power and feel strength and archery can be a direct route to this. Whatever you choose to do kickboxing, running, boxing… you deserve to be present with yourself, not compartmentalized and separate but all of You!!! Feel your power!!!

Part 5 Love, Angie 

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