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Mantras For The Rest of Us

I have a built in internal clock that is always telling me that -THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME! That I’m not doing enough Going fast enough Where does this unrealistic clock come from? How do I calm it down? Shush the guilt? I think one of the ways we do this is by taking a realistic look at what we do and how we do it. For instance, I do all of the grocery shopping for our family- I go to 3 stores, try to do some sort of menu that we all agree on, and then when I get home I put all those groceries away. This is time consuming. Yet, my built in clock doesn’t count it as work. I get home and my clock is playing this tape in my brain that goes something like this- You got no work done today. Wow! You wasted a whole day! What did you even do? Your lazy Your bad at being self-employed Etc. The reality is... Planning meals Menus And shopping are WORK! But for many reasons those things “women’s work” aren’t considered work. By society By partners By family of origin Etc. Even if our partners value it as mine does, often the inner voice (clock) wins out. What is is for you? Do you believe your pace is too slow or to fast? Doesn’t match what’s needed in the moment? Isn’t valued so it’s difficult for you to value it. Evaluate the invisible time/accomplishment standards your moving at and measuring yourself by. What is your grocery shopping thing? What is your unrealistic to do list? Then do what I’m trying to do •Value yourself and what you’re doing even if no one else does. •Look at what you’re actually doing and set realistic time constraints and/or value the time you’re giving. •Be kind to yourself. •Create family values that change how your family see’s work that is typically not valued in society. •Give yourself a treat for being kind, realistic, and being the real you. Angie💕 

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