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Mantras For The Rest of Us

This week has been full of death, sorrow, and holding space for my own grief and the grief of others. There is no way to hold death at bay, no right way to do death it comes regardless. It ravages us and we are left in its wake trying to put the flesh back on our own bodies. But still it comes To our dreams, relationships, communities, marriages, jobs, families - everything is touched with it and by it. I don’t need to be friends with death but I want to look in its eyes and not pretend it’s not there. I am not at peace with all it’s ravaging ways and I may never be But right alongside that beast of death is rebirth - neck and neck with death is birth and rebirth spinning a never ending web. So I will do what I know how to do Hold space for myself and others


Angie Thank you to @anipemachodron and the beautiful teachings in #whenitallfallsapart

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