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Mantras For The Rest Of Us

Sometimes the simple act of going outside can heal us, put us back together, remind us who we are.

Maybe for you it isn’t simple. Maybe there is a whole internal conversation that is keeping you from connecting to yourself. Maybe you have mapped out every NO around why you shouldn’t or can’t go outside.

To all of your internal NO’s I say- I get it! I am the queen of reasons why I can’t self care.






All of those reasons perfectly acceptable.

But I’m the one missing out.

Just like the 100’s of reasons that were stopping me from trying archery all those years ago, it was me standing in my own way.

When I go outside and breathe, look up at the changing leaves, move my body- I connect to my visceral humanness outside of what I do, who I am as a mother, spouse, or friend. I am just me in nature breathing and trying to be fully alive!

In honor of my most recent Soul Care podcast with Kathy Escobar and her project #beautyheals this mantra is for all of us trying to reconnect to beauty and being fully alive.



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