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Mantras For The Rest of Us

When we have a dream or vision often it starts as a very tiny spark, something in us that is saying YES - MAYBE instead of No. The start of wrestling with the idea that maybe this could be for you? Does it seem too big, too complicated, too out of reach? That sounds about right - for a vision caster. You may tell yourself- I don't have any experience, or know how, and what if I fail? For a vision to be a vision (I think) it needs to be a thing that we can barely wrap our heads around. A thing that makes us sweat, and doubt. A thing that keeps us learning and growing, shifting and changing. A vision is something that for the most part is out of our hands but at the same time sparks our imagination to dream. Keeps us hungry. That doesn't mean there won't be times when we get it. When we have the skills, the education, the know how, but at least in my case every time I think I got this and... Things are starting to flow and I won’t have to hoof it anymore And just when I think I can take a deep breath and relax (the vision) will dance out of my reach again encouraging me to reach for it, grow for it, and change for it. Being comfortable is nice if not a little boring. Being someone passionate about a vision is intoxicating and keeps excited for the future. A future that is way bigger than anything I can concieve. 

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