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Mantras For The Rest of Us

Sometimes all of the words said over all of the life we’ve lived Shapes us Leaves a mark Causes us to doubt Who we truly are Maybe the words were unintentional, said in passing without a second thought, or maybe the word was meant to cut us and leave us broken and bleeding. Whatever the reason? It matters, of course but maybe not in the way we think it matters- because regardless of intent We are changed And we are left to either figure out who we actually are, who they said we were, and which we want to be. I have let others decide who I am My whole life And I would like to do the deciding from now on, at the very least letting the one who knows me best- ME - do the deciding for once and for ALL!! I want to take all the trauma, harshness, pain, and roll it up into an unstoppable avalanche of beauty- giving myself what I have always needed and wanted- A soft place for me to land. To find the inspiration for this weeks mantra listen to my podcast

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