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Come Rest Your Head On My Shoulder

Ever since I was young I have sung- over myself, over the world, and over other people. I had no idea back then there was a rich tradition of singing over things and people that is practiced in every culture. Singing people into life and singing them out of this world into the next, singing people back to themselves when they've lost their way, and singing things into existence or at least into the way they should be.

I didn't know any of this back then all I knew was it calmed me, it centered me, it helped me feel less alone. To me, it feels like taking a deep cleansing breath, and just like deep breathing sometimes I forget just how good it feels.

Today I came downstairs to my office feeling shaky and a little off inside myself and there wasn't a reason I could think of for this feeling. I had a great day teaching 3 amazing people archery. But I've been at this healing stuff long enough to know there doesn't have to be a reason for feeling the way we feel - the body does what the body does and I've learned to be grateful when I notice it.

I put my computer down lit some candles and all of a sudden I felt this song in my bones or spirit or whatever it is the kind of song that needs to get out of me (I'm not trying to write hits I'm just trying to not be afraid). So I sang this song over my grieving body and I let my body hold me as I sang and then I sang it over you, over our world. I put it out there in the ether and that is no small thing. Because I need a place inside and outside of me to rest my head, to breathe. I need to create a place for the world to breathe a sigh of relief. And for you to breathe as well. And if I need it I assumed you might too. So here it is.

Remember who you are,


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