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Deciding To Take A Breath

I am deciding to take a breath, take a rest, and take up space. What this will look like in my day to day I have no idea. I still have work that needs doing, but I don't want the work I have to do to be at the expense of myself.

I want to be more conscious of my breath, of getting rest, and trying not to let the things in this world take up all the space there is!

That doesn't mean there isn't work to be done on all fronts -- there definitely is. But that work isn't sustainable if it is killing us and destroying our mental, physical, and emotional health. We have to take breaks and recharge so there is still some of us left to give or not give.

The overwhelm of EVERYTHING BOMBARDING US ALL AT ONCE IS REAL so we must practice pacing ourselves.

Do what you have to do to make this a priority!

Whether it is getting up early or going to bed late to get alone time or safe-people time.

Adding more focused breathing into your day.

Or a little mindfulness or meditation.

Adding positive self-talk (reminding yourself that you are worth the focus)

Taking social media breaks (no matter how passionate you are about the state of the world being firehosed with it will not help).

Finding ways to take up space (one way I practice this is on the archery range. I frequently remind myself while shooting to own/take up space)

Find ways of ease and softness for your body and mind.

Mostly be kind to YOU!



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