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These images edited so I don’t get removed from anything if you want the real deal hit me up and I’ll send it to you.

F*ck shame and the horse it rode in on!

Shame is a complicated and complex thing inside most of us. It often leads us to do, say, and embody what isn’t really true about us. And most of the time we aren’t even aware that shame is leading us. It has over the years become a corrosive belief we hold about ourselves- I am worthless, I am not lovable, Nobody could want or love me, it is not true but believed by us mostly without being questioned. Well, I say START QUESTIONING! Pull the thread of that belief until it is all undone.

I have made these images for you! So make it your own! I’d love to know which one is you.

Pick your favorite and post it EVERYWHERE! Reminding yourself that Shame is good for nothing! It is only there to keep you quiet and unable to be fully who you were meant to be.



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