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The work of unraveling shame might take a lifetime but the work of dismantling it is worth every second.

So many things that trip us up are connected to this unwieldy beast and a lot of shame’s roots we never question as F*CKED UP- we just accept them as part and parcel of existing.

I want to question all the ways I take shit and internalize it as truth. I want to wipe the shame slate clean of all its tentacles and breathe the fresh air of THAT’S NOT TRUE ABOUT ME!

How is shame leading you around without you noticing or questioning?

What ways can you practice paying attention?

Question the source?

Be curious about it?

And maybe even lean into love of yourself?

It’s a long journey of discovery with many ups and downs, twist and turns, and surprises along the way -

stay curious

try to be patient

question the source


Lean into LOVE



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