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I Will Develop A Love Relationship

I’m on what you might call a kick with INNER WISDOM. The big reason for this is I think our well-being if not our “healthier“ lives depend on it.

One way to nurture if not build this in ourselves is by using a mantra. A mantra can be as simple as saying something heathy and true about ourselves over and over whether or until we believe it is true. It is the scaffolding to shore up a new belief or help get ourselves to believe what is actually true about us. We do this by saying a mantra on repeat and with mindfulness if we can over and over until we lovingly believe the truth of who we are- not who we’ve been told we are.

I have used mantras for years. I have different mantras for different things- all have one thing in common- they are ALL for me not against me, building me up never tearing me down. Which is similar to a love relationship with inner wisdom - it is building us up never tearing us down.

I speak more on this in last week’s podcast you can check it out here-

All and all using mantras as a tool can only help us stay centered and living in more of the reality of who we are.



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