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I Will Look For Beauty Everywhere

There is so much pain and suffering all around us every day. So much to take in or try to avoid. Some of it is out of our hands and some of it we can work toward alleviating by taking tiny steps daily to work to ending the suffering in world.

But the fact remains it is hard

to be a human


it is also divine!

Every day I try and remember to hunt for beauty anywhere and everywhere. To not be so distracted by my own stuff and ALL the other stuff that I am unable see all the big and little miracles happening around me from mushrooms poking out of the ground, winter buds in bloom, birdsong and the sun finally coming out of the clouds.

It's all magical


I allow it to be

If I allow it to get into the dusty, bruised, and broken places the places in me that feel like they can't take any more of anything.

It's letting a little light

A little sun

A little air


The bad things will still be there

And so will the beauty

That is the paradox of being human and being willing to love.

Keep hunting for beauty.



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