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I Will Not Pretend To Be Okay

This is a Toughy! Because, let’s be honest sometimes it’s easier to pretend- less questions- less explaining- less of everything. It’s alright to pretend a little bit not everyone needs to know our business. But when that pretending is with ourselves and the people that support us that’s where the problems get a bit sticky.

Honesty and vulnerability are a big key to being an integrated person and living in integrity with ourselves. When we can’t or won’t be honest with ourselves the steps out of whatever we are stuck in are compounded whether it’s the pains of life, pains done to us, or pains we are doing to ourselves saying the real of how we feel is the beginning to healing and less aloneness.

Owning that we don't have EVERYTHING figured out all the time is scary. Asking for help or space to be held by a trusted few helps us make it through even the most difficult times.

Vulnerability isn't easy especially if it's new to you it takes practice and work but it is the only way forward. Because no one is okay all of the time. Even your therapist or spiritual director.

Take the loving step toward admitting you are not okay.

I'm not okay but I feel more okay when I can admit it to myself and my trusted few.



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