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Mantras For The Rest Of Us

I’m a creature of some habits, the habit most on repeat is me needing a reminder that there is deep wisdom inside me. And that my inner voice has my best interest at heart. Contrary to what I was taught as a woman

as a Christian

as a survivor

as an empath

a sensitive

a person that doesn’t fit the “norm”

I have had to learn to still myself and listen. To train myself to trust. To trust that

my gut

my inner voice

my instincts

Call it whatever you are comfortable with.

It will not betray me- Us!

And your inner voice won’t betray you either. Just learn to listen to the kindest voice, not the pushover or passive but the voice that tells you your worth

your value

your uniqueness

It‘s in there waiting to tell you.



I chose this image of the Juniper because the Juniper plant heals. It heals small breaks in seconds, bruises, sore and tender muscles, back pain, and so much more. It is often looked at as a weed and a plant that goes unnoticed. But this overlooked plant is packed with unlimited healing power. I have an affinity for Juniper that I haven’t fully figured out yet, but I’m drawn to it over and over again in grief. So I listen to this wisdom and keep returning to it’s medicine.

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