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Mantras For The Rest Of Us

I entered this world with one small voice. A voice I could choose to use any way I wanted. What would I do with this gift? I needed to decide because if I didn’t decide someone or something would happily decide how to use it for me. Over time there were be powers and people in power that said- I didn’t know how to properly use my small voice, but they knew how to magnify my voice and use it far better than I ever could or would know how to. I mean how could I a woman really know how to use the voice I had.

But this VOICE is mine it’s ME!

I alone can take responsibility for it.

Speak it into action.

Stand up and use it.

Quiet it and amplified others.

I alone can take this small voice out of the hands of the powerful that twist it and use it for their own gain.

Our voices however small are us and we are responsible for how we USE that voice or how we DON’T!

So don’t be silenced- USE THAT VOICE FOR GOOD!

The world needs you.



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