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Mantras For The Rest Of Us

This mantra is for everyone! But I do want to take a moment to speak to white folks...

If you are white you have white privilege whether you think you have it or not

whether you are rich or poor

grew up rich or poor

have your dream job or no job

feel successful or not

However, you move through the world

If you are white you have privilege.

Having PRIVILEGE is not a feeling it is a reality.

If you are white you have it.

You can spend the rest of your life feeling guilty for something you didn't really have any choice in (which is just white fragility) or you can work to see that privilege, educate yourself on the where and the why's of that privilege, and work toward making a world that gives EVERYONE the same access! Centering the voices of those that have lived experience of racism and white supremacy. Paying for that work! Not asking people that are living in and experiencing the full brunt of the white supremacist systems and structures to do the work for you.

Is it hard? Hell yes, it is! But our freedom is worthless and NOT really freedom if we ALL are not Free. It is some counterfeit shit, but FREEDOM it isn't.

Back to this weeks mantra- I can do more than I ever imagined

I can show up

I can listen

I can educate myself

I can give money, resources, time, my platform, etc.

I can be silent (especially in spaces that aren't for me)

I can let spaces not be for me

I can put my body at risk for the BIPOC community

I can follow the lead of BIPOC activists

I can allow myself to be called out

There is so much we can do.

It's okay to feel bad that you may be late to these realizations but please don't put your tears and regret back on the community that has been doing this work for generations. And have lost countless people to the struggle.

Do your own work

Feel Your Feelings

and don't stop there

Let it propel you to action

And pace yourself this is long haul work.

Please don't let your whiteness make you comfortable again.



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