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Mantras For The Rest Of Us

Yes, I'm still hanging out in the rage camp a little bit longer. Why? Well, we all carry it around with us whether we are aware of it or not, whether we are comfortable with it or not, want it there or not. It's there! And every human has it.

It would be very unusual to live in this day and age without some form of rage held in our bodies- there is injustice, disillusionment, fear, and trauma all around. Especially, in this current moment. Those injustices build-up inside us - layer upon layer until all we can get at is the top stuff happening in our present but the unresolved stuff is still existing under all those layers. That unresolved stuff wreaks havoc on our bodies because we have to let the toxins (rage) out which is hard to do when you live in a society that fears rage! It fears the rage of women, black, brown, indigenous, queer, trans, lesbian, gay, non-binary, otherly abled, immigrant, etc. It fears what would happen if that rage was directed not at ourselves but at a much more appropriate target- those in powerful positions and using their power for their own gain.

When we live with all of this rage bottled up inside us it will get out and possibly hurt those we love. It is like a heat-seeking missile that will find it's mark- on us and those we love. But if we gradually release all that pint up stuff we can

  • Live a lot freer in our bodies, our minds, our whole person

  • Direct that rage where it needs to go

  • Release what isn't ours to carry

  • Live a freer, fuller, less encumbered life

One way, I've found to get at this stuff is through the practice of Free Write Journaling or what I like to call Uncensored Dump Journaling.


  1. Think about what you are enraged about (one thing at a time)

  2. Set timer for 10 minutes

  3. Free write for those 10 minutes about that thing without censoring or restraint

  4. When your timer goes off close your journal- you are done

  5. Reward/honor what you've done (I like to give myself 20 minutes of reading a good book). Keep the rewards simple enough so that nothing keeps you from this part.

I don't read back over what I've written because it is merely a dump and that helps me be as honest as I can be. I also plan on burning my journal once it's filled up with my rage.

If you want more information on this here are 2 podcasts I've done on the topic

If you want to give this practice a try and need support you can follow me here

I'd love to hear how it's working for you.

Remember this is normal.

All of us have it.

There is nothing to be ashamed of.

There is freedom.



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