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Mantras For The Rest Of Us

I know not everyone is into nature, but nature is my thing. A few years ago I began to notice when entering the woods that my cortisol levels would start to lower and something inside of me said- pay attention to this feeling! And I did.

The problem more recently has been not really being able to go anywhere during this pandemic. Trying to abide by the rules that will keep me and those around me safe. Which means stay close and stay tight. Also, it means way, way less time in the woods getting those mindful moments and properties that have become so essential for my self-care.

But today I was able to go to the river, soak in the sun, breathe in the trees, and let the trees breathe into me.

There is so much in this time we cannot control. But what can we control that will still keep everyone safe? Getting out can be complicated depending on access and crowds of people because we know it is super important to maintain our distance. But there are still ways we can connect to nature and get filled up with all the beauty and oxygen that's out there. It may not be in the way you are used to but everything is new- right?! We are all making our own rules.

So make your own rules!

Get out there safely! a park, in a yard, by a river, at the ocean, in the woods!

Keeping your distance!

Wearing that mask!

Getting that oxygen!

Take care of all your needs the best way you can!



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