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Mantras For The Rest Of Us


This mantra has many meanings. Much like a song, painting, or work of art, it is up to the audience to let it speak to them reveal the hidden message. What is true for art is also true for this mantra. That said, I can let you in on what it means to me. If your interested scroll down.


Today I had some thoughts...

There is such a thing as having too much time to think about self-transformation. Too much time for self-reflection. Too much navel-gazing. In my work as a spiritual director and soul coach, one of my highest values is being a life long learner with an emphasis on emotional intelligence and healing from trauma. This work sometimes makes it hard for me to not spend ALL my time doing just that and it's easy for me to get a sort of tunnel vision because well it's all connected- my work-self work-client work. It's one of the things that makes a good soul coach- I will not ask you to look at what I'm not willing to also look at. And the ability to see our inner-connectedness.

It has been extra hard with covid and having more time on my hands for self-study. I get that what I'm saying is a privilege- I have the time to reflect, learn, and grow. But I also want to stay balanced because for me that time can quickly become about

what I'm not doing right

where I'm not growing

And the inner critic is screaming in my face.

So today I noticed

I became aware

Now I practice stepping back and doing something different

What does this have to do with I AM MY OWN MEDICINE?

I built this in myself the ability to see something and let it be. To notice and become aware- what I like to call building my awareness muscle. Where I used to go- straight to shame and self-abuse. I can now hold the tension of two things being true at the same time- Wanting to be farther along than I am and not beating myself up for being where I am.

Just because I see something in myself I wish was different doesn't make me wrong, bad, lazy, or a failure. It just means that's where I am at the moment and moments change. There was a moment not that many years ago where my awareness was not very strong, my self-kindness was closer to self-abuse, and I had a much harder time letting something be what it was and just notice it.


And also, I am where I am thanks to the medicine that others offered me through

real friendship






and so much more

And because of this, my medicine gets more powerful each day.

You too have medicine, medicine that is needed by others and this world.

Let your medicine grow and share it. Part of powerful medicine is sharing it with others.



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