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Mantras For The Rest of Us

Be gentle I say to my small vulnerable divine self. Because ultimately it's just you and me.

Just like a body doesn't exist without spirit no one can nurture me better than me. And that makes for a complicated relationship, a relationship that rests squarely on the shoulders of me. The same me that was brought up to not trust myself, my femaleness, my power, my voice, my everything. The same self that was raised on a steady diet of self-hatred and disgust. This same person is the only one that can gently raise me-

Parent me

Love me

Correct me

Nurture me

I know the truth of this deep down in my wisdom parts. I know lasting healing lies in my willingness to not only love myself but nurture myself- all of ME. Not only when I've got things figured out, but especially when my soft underbelly is exposed.

When I can't breathe because the weight on my chest is too heavy

When the self-doubt creeps in

When failure and the fear of it stops me from looking

In the grip of despair

In my child-self believing everything about me is a mistake

When my vulnerability looks and feels like weakness

It is in these sacred times that I need me. When I need the stillness that only I can provide. When the only way up is down into my divine self

down into the holy

down into the true

down into the fear

down into the child

down into the woman

down into death

down into life

I've built this trust gradually over the lifetime of ME and I will keep building until I am no more.

This is my story today, yesterday, and tomorrow and I'm guessing it is your story too. Maybe not word for word or pain for pain but nobody living and breathing makes it out of here unscathed.





is where the light gets in and the nurturing begins.

Remember who you are.


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