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Mantras For The Rest Of Us

There is a lot of fear going on right now. Fear that is based in truth but fear just the same and fear can cripple us. So what can we do about our rampant fear? There’s isn’t much we can do that will completely protect us from what is out there and there never has been. Learning and using mindfulness will not keep us safe but it can keep the anxiety levels down which will help us in our day to day.

I use mantras as a form of mindfulness in my everyday and if I don’t have one that fits I create one that will.

I know I’m not alone in feeling fearful concerning the corona virus. In order to deal with my fear I did what I know how to do- I created a mantra.

I hope it helps.

My peace is the center

When fear creeps in

I will go to my center

When I’m anxious

I will go to my center

In sickness, hopelessness,

rage, powerlessness,

I will go to my center

Try to go to your center and then try again💓


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