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Mantras For The Rest Of Us

As I tried to fall asleep last night anxieties filling my mind with all the things I haven't gotten too because of sickness. I stopped myself- THIS WILL DO ME NO GOOD! All this worrying at 11:30 at night over what I have to do isn't going to help me get things done faster or help me fall asleep quicker. So I slowed my breath and talked myself down.

And said

Just breathe! Just breathe!

I had a realization as I was laying there-

Most of the things I am thinking are coming from a place where I feel flawed, weak, not enough, etc. My first thoughts aren't all the brave life things I've faced! My first thoughts are flittered through what I guess is some sort of shame cycle rooted in where I was wounded as a child and where that root fights to keep it's stranglehold.

I know that a lifetime of belief doesn't go away overnight and there are no quick fixes. But truth be told I still am sad that my mind still goes there.

So I keep plunking along

Keep making adjustments

Keep reframing

Keep questioning the stories I tell myself

And that's just it! The big one- Questioning the stories I tell myself and not believing everything I say.

If I take those moments to say

Is this really true about me?

If I take time to question the inner critic and withhold judgement about myself I can get to the truth.

And the truth is

I am stronger than I think

I am braver than I think

I am more resilient than I think


What are you telling yourself or believing about yourself that with a little questioning could be altered?

I AM ________ THAN I THINK

You deserve to know the truth about yourself. So go ahead and ask.



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