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My Inner Wisdom

So much of life is about fine-tuning what we think we know and "becoming" more attuned to what we actually know, know.

It is about opening up to the truth that real wisdom is inside us and that wisdom desires to be heard, felt, acknowledged, acted on, and believed.

This isn't hocus-pocus or something only some of us have Inner Wisdom is in everyone and we are all born with it...

And for most of us, it is the part of us that has been silenced straight out of the shoot. The part that was groomed out of us by society, family of origin, the patriarchy, power structures, religion, white supremacy, you name it. The part that we were taught not to listen to. The part that we weren't taught to get still with. Inner Wisdom is the honest and trustworthy voice is inside all of us.

If we don't listen or know how to listen to it. If we don't trust or know how to trust it. If we can't follow it or don't know how to follow it then we are easy to manipulate and control and are always doubting ourselves and our own motivations.

Because this is our true power! Our true voice! Our true protector! Our true friend! Our deepest wisdom! It is never too late to start developing our relationship with Inner Wisdom. And it's never too late to start listening to it. And it's never too late to start acting on the wisdom it gives.

I've seen this play out on every meditative archery workshop I have ever done - Inner Wisdom offers a nugget and then I get to watch each participant take the tentative steps to trust it and the power that is unleashed when they do, it is beautiful to behold. Every single person gets something!

I look at it like this: Inner Wisdom has always been in us waiting to be heard, wanting to be heard, looking for opportunities to have our back and when we step toward it, it is on tenterhooks to meet us halfway. We don't have to do much to get the ball rolling. Where it gets tricky is that damn inner critic wanting to steal the show. We can make the mistake of thinking our inner critic is the same as our Inner Wisdom, nope!

Most of us have an intimate relationship with our inner critic (it is in control) and an underdeveloped relationship with our Inner Wisdom it might take a little time to recognize which is which and get to know their distinct differences. In reality, they look and sound nothing alike. Inner Wisdom speaks kindly, loves us, wants us safe, and to succeed and our inner critic isn't here to play nice, be loving, or help us understand ourselves in any way. It has one goal- self-abasement and self-destruction for us to keep doubting ourselves so we never take risks or go after our dreams.

This mantra is to remind us that Inner Wisdom can be trusted and there is no better time than the present to get to know its power!



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