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Need Help?

Need help?

I am someone who is not afraid of holding difficult and painful emotions.

We all have them and right now with all the unknowns it helps to have someone to listen who isn't afraid of the hard stuff.

Most of us need a place to put all the stuff going on in our heads and hearts I can help you unravel the difficult stuff you are trying to unravel. Or at least find some much-needed peace in this unprecedented time.

You are worth being listened to

You are worth being heard

You are worth being seen

You are not too much

Your feelings and emotions are not too big

You can say what you need to say

You can feel what you need to feel

To book a one on one session go my shop

Or you can set up a free short session to see if we are a good fit by messaging me, Dming, or put a message in a bottle.

If you are strapped financially I will work with you to make it doable. I know for some of us times are tight.


Angie MASF (she/her)

Certified Spiritual Director or Soul Coach


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