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Self-compassion Is My Superpower

When I think about the act of self-compassion I can't help but think it's a superpower and one of the most ultimate acts of resistance.

Why? Because the world around us is against us having it and the systems in place work to undermine it. From the time we are born we are in a constant tug of war with ourselves and the world around us to learn to love ourselves as we are.

Because systems of power know something a lot of us don't know yet- it is easier to control and manipulate people that think they are shitty and unworthy. It is a lot harder to control people that know they are the SHIT.


I love myself

I am lovable

Perfection is a myth

Love isn't earned

I am good enough

I am smart enough

I am worthy enough

It takes the message of perfectionism and the myth of someday and says

fuck that shit-I will love me!

I will change and reframe those damaging messages no matter where they came from family, religion, friends, media, the dominant culture, etc. and tell myself the radical truth.

I love you.

We can wait for society to change.

For the people that love us to give us what we need.

Or we can stop waiting and give ourselves what we need.


Love yourself today like it's your superpower,


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