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You Are The Body

So much of life is spent trying to fit ourselves into someone's constructs, someone else's ideas, someone else's standards, someone else's norms


societies constructs

societies ideas

societies standards

societies norms

And then if we are lucky we realize there is no standard

there are no rules

the whole thing is biased

and bullshit

And we begin the process of getting off that train.

But the journey out of fucked up standardized beliefs can be long and painful. You take some steps forward in self-love and then slide backward into the culturized self-hate. Again and again, taking a few steps forward and a few steps back. This dance can be exhausting and so often you think you are pretty far along doing pretty good and then POW! there's that old acculturation again. And you may want to give up but don't do it! Don't buy back into the bullshit of performing.

Keep dancing anyway

Keep embracing all the parts of yourself

Keep reminding that child inside you that they are worth the struggle

That is radical living

Loving yourself is a radical act

Living out into the world that love extended to every other person is world-changing.

So keep living and loving yourself and others because that is true badassery!



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