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This is a two hour hands-on one of a kind experience. You will be empowered with your friends and team alike. Build confidence, healthy ways to be vulnerable, hold space for each other all while having fun. Once you book or are ready to book - email me and we can pick a date that works best for you. What is Meditative Archery? Meditative Archery is a workshop that is designed to help people get in touch with strong, difficult emotions - rage, anger, loss, grief, etc. in a safe place with a trained guide. The goal of the workshop attendee would be to build a skill that gives a unique way to look at strong emotions and make peace with them - through the visceral skill of archery. As a team-building, work org, non-profit, etc. I can cater any workshop to fit specifically to needs or focus. Just say the word. I’ve facilitated these workshops for Habitat For Humanity, Ruby Receptionists, Spiritual Director’s, Ministry Teams, Social Workers, etc. What can you expect? °You can expect to connect to your body through archery and learn a basic understanding of that skill. °You can expect to not only shoot at what invokes a strong emotional response in you and experience some good, old-fashioned release, as well. °You can expect to learn a Jungian-based, shadow-work journaling technique that will help you gain a better understanding of your relationship with what’s behind the anger, rage, loss, grief, etc. °You can expect to develop a meditative approach for the future and tools to help deal with those strong feelings. °You can expect one on one instruction every step of the way. You bring yourself in comfortable clothes, tennis shoes. And bring a journal. All equipment is provided. And you leave with the necessary tools to do archery in the future. The cost of this workshop is $90 a person. ©

Group or Team Building Meditative Archery

  • If you need to cancel for any reason there is a service charge of 25% of the total cost of the workshop. Workshop cancellations require a 24-hour email notice before the workshop takes place. After 24-hrs there is no refund.

  • Once you purchase this workshop for yourself or someone you love I will email you to set up a date that works best for you. This is a local Portland, OR workshop unless otherwise specified.

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