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Supervision is vital for every spiritual director, providing sacred space to be seen, heard, and held regarding their work. It strengthens their ability to show up fully for those they accompany. 


Supervision helps the director notice what's beneath the surface and understand themselves and their directee more deeply. It builds awareness of how the Divine manifests in the relationship and pay close attention to where we might get snagged.


My intention is to create an unrushed space where therapeutic listening unfolds. Supervision is similar to the judgment-free space I hold in direction. Nothing you express would shock me or make me think less of you. Together we make room for openness, presence, and insight.


With seminary training and certification in spiritual direction, my approach integrates somatics and spirituality. I specialize in Enneagram, workshops on transformation, Jungian journaling, body-mind-spirit connections, processing difficult emotions, team building, and deconstruction. I also facilitate sessions using archery, labyrinths, and mindfulness. 


As a queer director, I affirm LGBTQIA+ identities and perspectives. My pronouns are she/they. As someone striving to dismantle capitalism, my hope is accessibility for all - reach out to me if you need a sliding-scale option.


The Divine manifests through each unique soul. Judgment has no place in our sacred time together.




  • If you need to cancel for any reason there is a service charge of 25% of the total cost of the session. Session cancellations require a 24-hour email notice before the session takes place. After 24-hrs there is no refund.

  • Once you purchase this soul care session for yourself or someone you love I will email you to set up a date and time that works best for you.

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